Mini Volley Academy

Mediate and Facilitate

Trainers need to be mediators as well as facilitators

The trainer needs to provide an environment in which a player can take his or her prior experiences and incorporate and connect them into their present learning process.

Learning movement is not about transmitting information to the players, but is about the exchanges that occurs between the trainer and the player as they explore movement together.

The trainer can mediate and facilitate the learning process, by both providing the experiences that will help them constructively learn. He should also pose questions that allow the player to fill the gaps, he/she has previous to performing the movement.


The trainer can facilitate learning using 3 different ways:

  1. Through touch
  2. Through verbal indications
  3. Through physical demonstration

In the next chapter, we provide several video clips which demonstrate certain concepts in this order.

When the touch is not bringing the player to the desired movement, the verbal indication appears and finally, for clarifying a sequence a physical demonstration is used.