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Sequencing of Movement

Patterns of Total Body Connectivity (PTBC) explain how the body is organized/connected, but how does movement spread and propagate through the body? How do we transition from one body shape to the next? In other words, how do we sequence movements and how can we teach this to small kids up to adults?

Video Book – Movement Sequences

Here are some examples of movement sequences, that we can teach to the players as an exercise. The trainer looks at these analytically.

Opening and closing the body

Opening and closing the body. Every volleyball action is based on the capacity of condensing the body (bringing the 6 limbs closer to the core) and expanding the body (bringing the 6 limbs away from the core).
Exploring the first 3 PTBC: Breath, Core/Distal and Spinal connection.
Going from low to medium level in space.
To explore the initiation of the movement from the pelvis. Sequencing from the center of the body.

Changing level in space

Changing level in space: the player arrives from low to high level in space. We took block as an example.
PTBC: Homologous pattern appears.

Lower body Homologous and Homolateral pattern

PTBC: Lower body Homologous and Homolateral pattern appears. We took attack as an example.

Lower body Homolateral pattern

PTBC: Lower body Homolateral pattern. We took defense and block foot work as an example.

Some examples

Some examples of movement sequences.