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Movement Patterns

Movement patterns are generalized movements that apply to a range of specific actions. We call them Patterns of Total Body Connectivity or PTBC
The main 6 body organizations (PTBC) are:

  1. Breath.
  2. Core/Distal.
  3. Spinal (Head/Tail).
  4. Homologous (Upper/Lower).
  5. Homolateral (Body halves).
  6. Crosslateral.

Every pattern contains the ones before.

2. Central/Distal

3. Spinal

4. Homologous

5. Homolateral

6. Crosslateral

In Volleyball

In terms of movement the 6 volleyball techniques can be condensed into 3. Each of these has a relation to certain movement patterns:

1. Set and block: Spinal and Homologous.

2. Defense and passing: Homologous.

3. Service and attack: Homologous, Homolateral and Crosslateral.

All of them are underpinned by the Breath and Core/Distal patterns.


Is the process of improving one pattern while exploring the precedent ones. Every volleyball action is composed of at least 4 patterns. The first 3 PTBC are more difficult to access. The last 3 are generally easier to access because they are used for human locomotion.
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