Mini Volley Academy

The Process

Movement patterns are more general than techniques. Each general movement prepares for different game actions, not only one. In application, the core principles are the same. One exercise can be used for several skills and goals depending on where the trainer puts the focus. In fact, the difference between the general movement or a specific skill is very thin (if it exists at all).

The technique is not the starting point

Eventually, the player will execute the technique without realizing it, though there might be details that need to be corrected through repatterning. The trainer just hands the player the key aspects of the technique. The trainer should not focus solely on the result (i.e. the specific technique), because it will follow as a consequence of the process and it should not be a goal in itself.

Respect for the individuality

The principles are the same for everyone, but each player performs the exercise according to his individual possibilities. This way, the process will be different for each player.

Movement and gravity

The human being lives in a gravitational environment. In sports and specially with children one of the aspects to pay attention to is to sense the body weight on the floor.

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